A unique place at the base of Mount Kilimanjanro

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Kilishare Lodge

Kilishare Lodge - a quiet and peaceful place.

Welcome to Kilishare Lodge – a unique place at the base of Mount Kilimanjanro. Kilishare Lodge is located north of the town Himo, in Northern Tanzania by the border of Kenya. A three hours car ride from the town of Arusha. Himo is a central a central point town of the Kilimanjaro district. Himo is the start of the road north to Marangu, which is near the start of the Marangu Route to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This area has little tourism and you will get close to the local population.

In Himo and with Kilishare Lodge you can experience Africa at its best. This area has little tourism and you will get close to the local population. You will meet gentle and courteous who want your stay to be the best.

Quiet and peaceful area

Kilishare Lodge is a quiet and peaceful place without traffic noise or busy city life. At Kilishare Lodge you will live near both nature and people, you can sit outside on the terrace, in the shade of the sun and look out over the beautiful landscape. Imagine sitting with your morning coffee and look up at Mount Kilimanjaro. In the nearest town, Moshi, you can buy local coffee and visit their local coffee brewery.

Local food

The hosts at Kilishare Lodge are devoted to serve local dishes. Many meals consist of different fruits, and you will get plenty of food. You will get served meals such as …

Imagen drinking coffee at the foot of Kilimanjaro.

If you travel in November and December, you’ll get the chance to taste the world’s greatest pineapple. Nowhere else in the world has pineapple with such rich flavor as in [Tanzania].

Private rooms with bathroom facilities

Kilishare Lodge has a big recreation room and several overnight accommodations. For overnight accommodations you can choose from singles, doubles or shared rooms. Most rooms have bathroom facilities, and every room is equipped with a fan.

Hygiene and sanitation is a priority at Kilishare Lodge, which also offers a laundry services where your clothes come back spotless, ironed and folded.

Hygiene and sanitation is a priority at Kilishare Lodge.

Pleasant climate

Kilishare Lodge is located 840 meters (2,760 feet) above sea level, and the climate is nice and warm with low humidity. The areas climate is mild, and generally warm and temperate, with an annual average temperature of 20 Celsius (68 Fahrenheit). Due to this comfortable climate many European settlers stayed in this area in the last century.

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