Staying at Kilishare Lodge does something with you

Kilishare Lodge – an experience of a lifetime

Bethel Nursery School provides equal education for all children.

Staying at Kilishare Lodge does something with you. The lodge is located near an orphanage and a school. By staying at Kilishare Lodge you’ll support important humanitarian work as the revenue from Kilishare Lodge helps funding the orphanage and school.

From three to over 200 children

In 2009 Neema and Godbless Mamkwe established an orphanage and a school. The couple opened their home for three orphans. Every year since, they have taken in more and more children, and the house got smaller and smaller for the couple. Eventually the couple built a new house next to their own. By 2018, 200 children live there!

Kilishare Lodge is located near this orphanage.

Kilishare Lodge is located near this orphanage. The orphanage allows you to visit the children and see how they live. You will get insight in the children’s and students daily duties; how they care for their uniforms, hygiene, schoolwork, daily meals and more. You will also get the chance to taste the food both children and adults eat.

You can also get an understanding for what the adults do; sweeping the courtyard, laundry duties, meal preparation, care for the livestock at the area, and more. You can also socialize with the children in English, both in groups or individually. Most importantly – you will get to experience the good atmosphere among the adults and the children which characterize because of their cooperation, respect, commitment and optimism.

One of the best schools in Tanzania

Bethel Pre- and Primary School is managed by Neema and Goodbless Mamkwe. Neema is the headmistress of the school. The number of students has grown fast and in 2018 the school had about 750 children and students. The school’s tuition is in English. In year 7 the students partake in a national exam, in which the school ranks among the country’s best. The results are available online. In 2015 Bethel was ranked number 208 of over 16 000 schools. Cause of these results, many parents want their children at the school.

In 2015 the school was ranked number 208 of over 16 000 schools

In 2015 the school was ranked number 208 of over 16 000 schools.

The student does not have textbooks. The teacher writes important information on the blackboard, which the students writes down in their own Exercise Book, which they one for each class. By the national rules of education in 2018, it’s decided that the student shall work and partake in group activities too. Life after graduating the year 7 national exam is also emphasized.
As the school is private, parents must pay for their children’s education. But some parents do not have the means to pay for their child’s education, and not every child has parents.


The main income comes from tuition payed by the children’s family. The tuition at Bethel Pre- and Primary School is about the half of the tuition at an ordinary private school. Many of the children at Bethel has no parents or come from poor families with little to no means to pay for their child’s tuition.

Other private school does not accommodate student that has no means to pay for tuition. From the start Norwegian contributors has funded the school as well as the school’s tuition fee.

Equal education for all children

In Tanzania, it’s uncommon for civilians to challenge these kinds of social- and communal issues and open their home for students that come from less than sufficient means and give them shelter and a free education. The work that Neema and Godbless do together with the staff at Bethel is inspiring. With few resources the staff at Bethel does their best to ensure that the children, even the poorest, gets an equal education live up to the school’s vision: “Equal education for all children”.

Equal education for all children.

You can also visit the school. Visitors can access all the school’s classrooms. It’s very interesting to observe how the tuition is customized for each year. The students are focused, hardworking, polite, and eager to answer all of the teacher’s answers. You will get a better understanding of how the teaching is organized for different years.

Working for a new library

Students are sitting together in groups of three that shares one book. This because the textbooks are very expensive. The teacher does not have supplies such as computers, charts or other teaching utilities. The most important tool used for teaching here is chalk and blackboard, and classes consist mostly of lecturing. The does not have a library, and there are few books for children, books with educational value or encyclopedias etc. The lack of books is sorely missed, and the school’s headmaster wishes to get the funds for a small dedicated building that can be filled with books. To be able to read well, the students need something to read.

A good reputation

In Tanzania, there are norm for how many children should be in one class. But the number can rise beyond the norm due to the population growth and the lack of classrooms. The students sit close together on the classroom benches. The headmistress wishes for more room. The school has a good reputation and achieves good results despite few resources. Many parents wish their children could attend Bethel. Even with the overfilled classrooms, the students are calm and focused. Which gives one the impression that they enjoy it. During school breaks and half terms some students still go to school in hopes that the gates will be open. For these children the school is a safe place to be which feeds them, and a way out of poverty. A considerable amount of the children wants to stay at the orphanage over these – this they are allowed to.

A lot of children in the classroom.

Support the project

You can support The Bethel Pre- and Primary School and orphanage project with donations. And donations goes directly to this project and does not go through any intermediary agents. Godbless Mamkwe is very particular with the management of the money in his local community, and his main cause is for everyone to have a dignified life trough honest work. Neema and Godbless Mamkwe is grateful for every kind of support they get.

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